Baron at Wolfgang's Vault!

Nov 17 2009

Few people knew that legendary rock promoter Bill Graham’s first name was actually “Wolfgang”. Years after his fatal accident, the legacy of Bill Graham and his concerts continues to grow and bloom through Wolfgang’s Vault, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Several months ago I was invited to become a member of the Wolfgang’s Vault family of fine photographers. As most of you know by now, the Vault was created by the purchase of rock impresario Bill Graham’s archives by Minneapolis business man Bill Sagan.

Graham’s archives had been languishing in a warehouse in San Francisco; hardly anybody knew they were there, nobody knew what they contained. Sagan bought everything, lock stock and barrel. What he discovered was a treasure trove of memorabilia, of music and of photographs. After he sorted it all out and catalogued everything he created a fascinating website where those of us who love music can look, listen and buy. I personally penned an agreement with the Vault that gives is the exclusive right to sell my prints on the Internet via the “click and buy” protocol (shopping cart). Other sites can show my images but only the Vault can sell them on the Internet itself.

It’s been a wonderful relationship. The photos are well promoted and well displayed. There’s even a short video of me talking about the early days of my career shooting classic rock. Check it