Would you like to use one of my images in your book, magazine or film? You can.

All of my photographs are available for licensing. That means, if you would like to use one of my images in a book or magazine, in a film or in an ad or on the Internet or in a brochure, whatever, you can do this. It usually involves a licensing fee tailored to the specific use of the photo. If you see a photo you like and want to use (i.e. license) it, contact me by email at or by phone: 505-466-4606.

You can also see and license some of my best aerial photos on the Getty site. Over time I will add images to my new site for your viewing pleasure. I have pictures of such wide-ranging subjects as pro football, aerial landscapes, the Goodyear blimp, lovely figure studies, portraits of famous authors, planes and trains, and, of course, rock and roll. They are fun to look at and all available for licensing.

To see some examples of how my images have been licensed in the past, click on “Classic Rock” on the top navigation bar and the first collection of images on page 1 is called “Licensed Images — Best of.”