"Deal of the Century!"

Jun 09 2020

Well, as I near the beginning of my 84th year on this marvelous but too often disrespected planet, I have been thinking about my future.  More specifically a home for my photographic Archive. The Archive is extensive, as you might imagine, reflecting my interest in the various chapters of the culture during which I was privileged to live, from the Berlin Wall and the cold war, to the early days of Rolling Stone, to the Summer of Love in San Francisco, to Woodstock, to Groupies, to the NFL, to Roller Derby, to seventies fashion, to iconic musicians, to my love of flying and cars and women and travel, et cetera ad infinitum.  My team and I created a website for those who are merely curious about the Archive and for  those who might help me find a resting place for it, a location where it can be studied and referenced and enjoyed.  If anyone out there has contact with folks who might have interest in the Archive or knows anyone who can assist us, let me/us know.  My email address is bwolman@fotobaron.com  And here is the website: www.thebaronwolmanarchive.com