Fresh Gallery News!

Jun 08 2010

In the tasting room at Markham Vineyards you’ll find nearly a hundred of my rock & roll images, including all of my 21 original early issues of Rolling Stone magazine displayed alongside a signed silver print of the cover image.  For Markham exclusively we have also just released a killer t-shirt featuring one of my Jimi Hendrix covers and snippets of several of the other covers in the background.  Markham Vineyards is located just north of St. Helena in California’s famed Napa Valley wine region.  Markham Vineyards.  2812 St. Helena Hwy North.  707-963-5292

Opening in July at Germany’s renowned Folkwang Museum in Essen is their first ever rock and roll photo show called “A Star is Born. Photography and Rock Music since Elvis.”  Several of my images are included in the exhibit.

I’m happy to announce that a dozen of my rock & roll images can now be seen in the 11 Lumas galleries.  Eight of the galleries are located in Germany, one in Zurich, one in Paris and one in New York City’s soho district.  Lumas was founded on the belief that good art should be accessible (economically) to the public in general, that art appreciation is not a function of the size of one’s bank account.  All prints are produced in limited editions and priced attractively, by which I mean they are affordable.  See me here at Lumas.