The Backstage Pass

Baron in Playboy

Betcha never thought it would happen. Baron in the altogether? Perish the thought and I’ll spare us both the pain of the visual. Anyhow, my ol’ pal (huh?) Keith Richards and I make an appearance (can you find us?) in the December issue on Page 48 right across from the “Playboy Advisor.” And do I have some advice for you. … read more

Every Picture Tells A Story!

I finally delivered the last photo to the London publisher for my new book, “Every Picture Tells A Story – Baron Wolman, The Rolling Stone Years.”  The book is due out on or about April of 2011.  Its 176 pages are filled with photos and text.  Some of the photos have never been seen; none of the words have ever … read more

For My Facebook Friends Only!

Hello current and future Facebook friends.  I’ve made some changes to my pages.  The big change is the recent establishment of an official Baron Wolman Photography page called “The Fotobaron.”  This is an invitation to like/love/join (whatever you want to call it) The Fotobaron.   Coming soon is a very sweet signed print offer available only to those who sign up … read more