Seeking Ross Halfin

Mar 06 2010

For many months I’ve been following the crazy life of my photographer friend Ross Halfin through his fascinating (and often delightfully nasty) blog which he calls his “diary.” If you’re new to Ross’ life, give a peek. Click on the mad man’s eyes, then his diary. I mention Ross because I recently explained to him that I, too, would like to post a diary but my current life pales in comparison to his. I mean, Ross spends more time on assignment traveling the globe on airplanes (first and business class only, of course) than I do in my Subaru Outback driving around New Mexico. Ross suggested I take a look back and recount some of the photographic experiences I’ve had over the years. Ross IS a working photographer while I WAS a working photographer and the fact is, I do have some tales to tell. Not a bad idea, actually. Thank you, Ross.

Actually, even as a septuagenarian I still find my life quite active; something new and interesting (to me, at least) is always happening. So watch this column as I remember and ruminate and speculate and praise and criticize and who knows what else.